Ideas and Advice for How To Live a Joyful and Empowered Life.

When I am completely focusing on my passions, I feel completely fulfilled.  Usually this state takes no effort.  For me it usually happens in the morning and lasts a few hours, then when there are things that need doing, like work, errands or chores, I am taken out of that wonderful flow.  If I do have some spare time in the later part of the day, I’m usually tired, sometimes stressed, and can’t find my way back to the flow I had in the morning.  After I get a good nights’ rest, I’m usually back in flow to repeat the whole cycle all over again.  The only time it doesn’t happen is if something else significant is going on in my life and I’m focused on that.

This flow is always possible, no matter the circumstances we are going through.  It doesn’t have to be all the ‘good’ stuff that…

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