Five Lessons

HIS PARENTS ABANDONED HIM as an unwanted offspring. Fortunately, Paul and Clara Jobs, a couple from Mountain View, California, wanted a child very much. So they adopted the infant and named him Steven Paul Jobs. Paul Jobs, his adoptive father, was a car mechanic; watching and often helping him doing his repair works introduced young Steve to the world of design and technology, a field the boy would revolutionize soon after.

At school, Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak, a talented computer technician. Woz was five years older but the two clicked together. Together they launched their first product: The Blue Box—a device that allowed long distance calls for free. Wozniak was the design whiz behind, however Jobs was the one who turned the innovation into a business. They sold around hundred boxes, giving them a taste of what they could achieve combining Wozniak’s engineering skills and Jobs’s business acumen.


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