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Redefine Your Life

We may never know why some people seem immune to the slow, forward march of ageing. All we can do is admire their mind-boggling youthfulness from afar. It seems impossible, but “Full House” heartthrob John Stamos is 57 years old.

If not for those few white beard hairs, it’d be tough to guess that Keanu Reeves is 56. In fact, there’s a conspiracy theory that states Reeves is an immortal time traveller.

Our very own Anil Kapoor is an example of ever-young actors of Hindi cinema.

My perception of old age is inexplicably coming from my grandmother. When I was a kid, I thought a 55-year-old, grey-haired woman whose whole body swayed when she walked, was old. Now as I am reaching that age slowly my personal perception- or misperception- of old age is changing.

Many of us think while everyone our age is…

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