Law that attracted me!

You’ll need to extend your hand to touch the light

The subject of our relationship with the Creator has been exhausted by various Philosophers and religious preachers, interpreting it in diverse ways. But for me, my curiosity wasn’t quenched until I experienced the emotions in my own heart.
In fact, my spiritual journey started with finding who was ‘Me’ and what God or Universe or Creator meant. The next segment of this journey was to discover the relationship between ‘Me’ and the ‘Creator of Me’. Creation is like a mother giving birth to a baby, a sculptor carving wood into a sculpture or a  painter painting the canvas, and so on and so forth. The closest analogy that resonated with me was the similarity between a mother and the creator. So, when I meditate I believe I am communicating with my Supreme mother, the Nirankar.  In fact, since the concept…

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